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European project cities

Eight cities across the wider European region, with a rich diversity of experiences on local climate action, are supporting the 29 Urban-LEDS cities on their way to implement Low Emission Development Strategies in their cities.

They are sharing their experiences, supporting peer exchange and capacity development of the cities in 4 emerging economies (Brazil, India, Indonesia, South Africa). In turn they benefit from the project by learning from one another and from innovative approaches applied by the project Model and Satellite Cities.

This forms part of the Urban-LEDS International City Network which supports South-South-North cooperation. The network was created to enable local decision-makers and technical municipal staff to share experiences and address concerns with their peers and with experts in national, regional and international fora.

More information on the European cities activities can be found here. They include: 

  • Peer exchanges at the International City Networking Seminars (2013 and 2015),
  • European study visit to several cities (in April 2014),
  • An informal mentoring program, and sharing examples (case studies),
  • Creating twin relations on low-carbon development (where interest exists),
  • Fruitful exchange of news via regular newsletters, (click here to download the newsletter dedicated to the European project cities)
  • Input into the international advocacy process through the Local Government Climate Roadmap,
  • Reporting developments in the carbon Climate Registry.

The 8 European project cities are: 

Almada, Portugal

Read more about Almada.
Download their city poster (2014 or 2015)

Bologna, Italy

Read more about Bologna.
Download their city poster (2014)

Copenhagen, Denmark

Read more about Copenhagen.
Download their city poster (2014 or 2015)

Gaziantep, Turkey

Read more about Gaziantep.
Download their city poster (2014)

Hannover, Germany

Read more about Hannover.
Download their city poster (2014)


Helsinki, Finland

Read more about Helsinki.
Download their city poster (2014 or 2015)


Warsaw, Poland

Read more about Warsaw. 
Download their city poster (2014 or 2015)

Zagreb, Croatia

Read more about Zagreb.
Download their city poster (2014 or 2015)