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Invitation to Webinar “Financing sub-national climate action and the role of V-NAMAs” TEST

The next webinar on V-NAMAs, hosted by GIZ and ICLEI, focuses on "Financing sub-national climate action and the role of V-NAMAs" and takes place on 26 March 2014, 10:00 Central European Time (9:00 UTC) as well as at 16:00 Central...


Invitation to Webinar “Financing sub-national climate action and the role of V-NAMAs”

The next webinar on vertically integrated National Appropriate Mitigation Actions (V-NAMAs), jointly hosted by GIZ and ICLEI, focuses on "Financing sub-national climate action and the role of V-NAMAs" and takes place on 26 March...[more]


Urban-LEDS project Study Tour “Low- Carbon Solutions in Europe” 4 - 11 April 2014 Almada, Portugal - Copenhagen, Denmark - Hannover, Germany

The long awaited European Study Tour on Urban Low Emissions Development in Europe will take place from 4 April 2014 to 11 April 2014. It will showcase highly relevant examples of waste to energy solutions, green buildings and...[more]


Hannover commits to ambitious emissions reduction targets by 2050

ICLEI member Hannover (Germany) announced plans last month to significantly reduce both emissions levels and resource use by 2050. [more]


People of Steve Tshwete vision a low-carbon future for their community

Last week, workshop participants from Steve Tshwete mapped out four possible low-emission development futures for the area. This workshop was the first of two exciting scenario planning exercises designed to bring local people...[more]


KwaDukuza vision for low-carbon green urban economy

In an innovative future scenario planning process, KwaDukuza Municipality invited key stakeholders from the city, neighbouring municipalities and the province to create a low-carbon development vision for the wider area’s future...[more]


Visão da Cidade de KwaDukuza sobre uma economia urbana verde de baixo carbono

A partir do processo de planejamento para um futuro cenário inovador, o Município de KwaDukuza convidou os principais atores relevantes da cidade, municípios vizinhos e a província para criar uma visão de desenvolvimento de baixo...[more]


Exploring vertical integration of NAMAs

A new webinar discussion series on “Involving sub-national and city governments in national climate change mitigation strategies” has started, and will take place throughout the year and early 2015. [more]


Webinar "Introducing the V-NAMA approach"

“Involving sub-national and city governments in national climate change mitigation strategies” Webinar on February 26th 2014, 10:00 CET (9:00 UTC)


Cidades de Bolonha e Helsinki se juntam ao projeto Urban-LEDS

Os membros ICLEI, Cidade de Bolonha (Itália) e Helsinki (Finlândia) foram selecionados para se juntarem ao grupo das cidades Europeias para integrarem a Rede de Cidades Internacionais Urban-LEDS. Bolonha possui uma longa história...[more]


Bologna and Helsinki join the Urban-LEDS project

ICLEI members Bologna (Italy) and Helsinki (Finland) have been selected to join the group of European cities to take part in the Urban-LEDS International City Network. Bologna has a long history of mainstreaming environmental...[more]


Exploring the Green Building Concept

Recognizing the significant contribution of buildings to a city’s energy efficiency level Bogor City plans the citizen’s House of Representative based on the recently adopted sustainable building concept.[more]


Explorando o Conceito de “Construção Sustentável”

Reconhecendo a importância dos edifícios para os planos da cidade de Bogor em nível de eficiência energética, a Câmara de Representantes baseou-se no conceito de construção sustentável, adotado recentemente.[more]


Mayor of Recife pushes Climate Change Bill

Just recently Geraldo Julio, Mayor of Urban-LEDS city Recife, Brazil, has sent a Bill of Law on Climate Change and Sustainability for approval by the City Council. This has the potential to significantly contribute to the city’s...[more]


Prefeito de Recife lança Projeto de Lei de Mudanças Climáticas

Recentemente, Geraldo Julio, Prefeito de Recife, Brasil, Cidade Modelo no projeto Urban-LEDS, enviou um Projeto de Lei sobre Mudanças Climáticas e Sustentabilidade para aprovação da Câmara de Vereadores. Essa lei tem potencial...[more]


First Stakeholder Consultation meeting in Thane inspires concrete Urban LEDS actions

At the first Stakeholder Consultation meeting on 13 February 2014 in Thane, India, various stakeholders suggested ideas and agreed on pilot projects to make Thane a progressive Urban LEDS city. [more]


Primeira reunião de Consulta entre os atores relevantes inspira ações concretas do Urban LEDS

Na primeira reunião de Consulta dos Atores Relevantes, em 13 de Fevereiro de 2014, em Thane, Índia, vários representantes envolvidos no projeto deram ideias e concordaram com os projetos-piloto a fim de fazer de Thane uma cidade...[more]


Almada's city mobility low-emissions strategy

Almada, in addition to being part of the EcoMobility Alliance, is actively involved in the Urban-LEDS project.[more]


Project Advisory Group in India paves the way for private sector cooperation

Tangible action proposals at the first Project Advisory Group meeting, is taking the Urban-LEDS project in India forward; discussions with leading private players in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency kicked off.[more]


Conselho Consultivo do Projeto na Índia abre caminho para a cooperação com o setor privado

Propostas de ações tangíveis na primeira reunião do Conselho Consultivo do Projeto estão levando a diante o projeto Urban-LEDS na Índia; iniciaram-se discussões com líderes do setor privado sobre Energias Renováveis e Eficiência...[more]


Exploring urban planning for low-carbon development

In the Urban-LEDS project a competition was launched for technical support in urban spatial planning in support of development of a low emission development strategy by the participating cities. The response was overwhelming, and...[more]


GPC Stakeholder Consultations conclude

The Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GPC) provides requirements and guidance for cities on preparing and publicly reporting GHG emission inventories. It has been tested by 7 cities to provide...[more]


Concluídas as consultas do GPC

O Protocolo Global para Emissões de Gases do Efeito Estufa a Nível Local (GPC, em inglês) fornece requisitos e orientação para as cidades na preparação e publicidade dos inventários de emissões de GEE. Já foi testado por 7...[more]


Bogor City “Walkability Campaign”

Bogor, known as one of the most traffic-congested cities in Indonesia, put ecomobile transportation as its number one low emission development priority.[more]


“Campanha Walkability” da Cidade de Bogor

A Cidade de Bogor, conhecida como uma das cidades com um dos maiores índices de trânsito, adotou o eco-transporte como prioridade para o desenvolvimento de baixa emissão de carbono.[more]


Steve Tshwete Municipality’s greenhouse gas inventory is released!

It is estimated that Steve Tshwete Municipality emitted just over 7 million tonnes of carbon equivalent (tCO2e) emissions for the year 2012. See Steve Tshwete’s GHG Infographic below.[more]


KwaDukuza Municipality’s greenhouse gas inventory is released!

The first ever KwaDukuza Greenhouse Gas Inventory report reveals that an estimated 1.5 million tonnes of carbon equivalent (tCO2e) emissions were emitted by KwaDukuza municipal area for the year 2012. See KwaDukuza’s GHG...[more]


Two Urban-LEDS Project Cities release their greenhouse gas inventory results!

During 2013, as part of the Urban-LEDS project, ICLEI Africa supported two South African model municipalities (Steve Tshwete Local Municipality and KwaDukuza Municipality) and various key stakeholders at all spheres of government...[more]


Cities and climate in focus

With the international climate negotiations continuing, the role of cities is increasingly flagged as critical for success. The Urban-LEDS project facilitated the involvement of two speakers in a high-level panel on ‘Cities and...[more]


Cidades e clima em foco

Com a continuação das negociações climáticas internacionais, o papel das cidades é considerado, cada vez mais, como fator relevante para o sucesso. O projeto Urban-LEDS facilitou o envolvimento de dois falantes em um painel de...[more]


First City peer-exchange and learning on Low Emission Development

Seventeen of the 37 Urban-LEDS project cities came together at the 1st Exchange in South Africa to connect, exchange and explore ideas. Political leaders and technical staff learned from experts and one another, exploring urban...[more]


Exploring future energy scenarios in cities

Focusing on systems change when addressing energy and climate change at the city level, a training session using the Greenhouse Gas Regional Inventory Process (GRIP) - a scenario tool – helped cities explore energy and greenhouse...[more]


People of KwaDukuza vision a low emission future for their Municipality

Workshop participants from KwaDukuza Municipality mapped out four possible low-emission development futures for the area.[more]


Primeiro intercâmbio de aprendizado entre pares sobre Desenvolvimento de Baixa Emissão de Carbono

Dezessete, de 37, cidades participantes do projeto Urban-LEDS se reuniram no 1o Intercâmbio na África do Sul para conectar, compartilhar e explorar ideias. Líderes políticos e representantes técnicos tiveram a oportunidade de...[more]


Urban-LEDS city networking event

Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa


Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality exploring vertical integration opportunity at the KfW 2013 Energy Forum

Representatives of the Urban-LEDS Satellite City Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality and South African national government shared views on investing n energy efficiency at the KfW 2013 Energy Forum “Investing in Energy Efficiency:...[more]


Urban-LEDS Mayors in “Cities and Subnationals dialogue” at UNFCCC´s COP19

Two representatives of Urban-LEDS cities, Recife (Brazil), and Thane (India) will be speaking at UNFCCC’s COP19 special event dialogue between Ministers, Mayors and other sub-national leaders on November 21, from 09:30 to 12:30...[more]


Local Climate Solutions for Africa 2013

The 2013 Local Climate Solutions for Africa Congress comes to a close with a united and strong commitment to local climate action[more]


Urban-LEDS at ISES Solar World Congress 2013

Cancun, Mexico


Urban-LEDS municipalities attend “low-carbon human settlements” training @ LOCS 2013

Five of the seven South African Urban-LEDS project municipalities enjoyed an interactive half day training session to explore how to take an integrated approach to promoting low-carbon development in the built environment.[more]


Urban-LEDS well positioned in EU-LAC dialogue

The EU hosted a high level roundtable to advance climate change policy dialogue between the EU, Latin America and the Caribbean (Brussels, 16 – 17 October 2013). The project Urban-LEDS was one of the inter-regional cooperation...[more]


Urban-LEDS cities enter the EHCC competition

Eight of the cities engaged in the Urban-LEDS project entered the Earth Hour City Challenge 2013-2014 disclosing their mitigation commitments, greenhouse gases emissions (GHG), and climate actions in the official reporting...[more]


Urban-LEDS at International Scientific Conference on Energy and Climate Change

Urban-LEDS was presented at the International Scientific Conference on Energy and Climate Change in Athens, Greece on 11 October 2013[more]


Urban-LEDS showcased in Asia LEDS Forum 2013

The Urban-LEDS project was showcased during the Asia LEDS Forum 2013 held last October 1-3. Three ICLEI offices, namely Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Japan office participated in the forum attended by over 250 representatives...[more]


Urban-LEDS contributes to global climate advocacy

The World Mayors Summit on Climate Change 2013 took place on 27-28 September in Nantes, France. During this summit, the Nantes Declaration of Mayors and Subnational Leaders on Climate Change was adopted with the support of over...[more]


HEAT+ Training in Indonesia: A tailor-made tool for managing emissions

A two day training programme on the Harmonized Emissions Analysis Tool Plus (HEAT+) was held on 23-24 September 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia with the participation of Urban-LEDS cities, PAKLIM cities, and National Government...[more]


Sorocaba Introduces Project Urban LEDS to Local Stakeholders

On September 10th, 2013, the Municipality of Sorocaba promoted a public launch of Project Urban LEDS. [more]


South African Urban-LEDS National Project Advisory Group meets for the first time

The first National Project Advisory Group (PAG) meeting in South Africa took place recently, providing an opportunity for expert stakeholders from across South Africa to hear about project progress and provide advice for...[more]


First National Urban-LEDS workshop in India

The cities who attended the first Urban LEDS national workshop, that took place in Delhi on 5 September 2013, had two things in common: a number of impressive results already achieved and the ambition and commitment to go even...[more]


Recife creates the Municipal Sustainability and Climate Change Committee

On September 3rd 2013, the Municipality of Recife formalized the creation of the Sustainability and Climate Change Committee.[more]

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