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ICLEI launches country office and Urban-LEDS II project in Colombia

Due to the regional relevance of Colombia in sustainable development, by supporting the implementation of projects and other initiative, ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability launched its most recent coordination office in...[more]


COP 23 outcomes and top five takeaways

ICLEI in its capacity as the Local Governments and Municipal Authorities (LGMA) constituency has led the successful adoption of the Bonn-Fiji Commitment of Local and Regional Leaders to Deliver the Paris Agreement at All Levels ...[more]


Cities and Regions Talanoa Dialogues to strengthen national plans

In the critical year for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and the Paris Agreement, local and other subnational leaders are inviting national governments to a series of dialogues designed to strengthen national climate...[more]


Reporting and connecting with experts has never been easier!

For over 4 years, the Urban-LEDS project has worked with the best experts and developed the most adapted tools for your city's needs. Now all of this knowledge is available to assist cities at any...[more]


#WeLoveBogor: winner of the WWF We Love Cities 2016 campaign

Congratulations to the City of Bogor, ICLEI Member and Urban-LEDS Model City, for winning the  We Love Cities 2016 campaign. On June 30th, WWF announced Bogor, Indonesia as this year’s 2016 We Love Cities...[more]


Capturing four years of Urban-LEDS achievements!

Four new publications have been released by the Urban-LEDS project capturing achievements in all of the 37 project cities, summarizing policy and technical guidance and tools that are available for use by local governments, and...[more]


EU reference of Urban-LEDS in UNFCCC capacity building committee

In an official submission to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) the European Union argues for capacity-building in cities and regions under the Convention’s capacity-building framework and...[more]


Understanding the outcomes of COP21: a guide for local and subnational governments

As the focal point of local authorities and municipalities in the United Nations climate process, ICLEI has advocated that they be recognized, engaged and empowered since 2007. To understand how this was successful and how...[more]


Compact of Mayors: Indonesian cities are front-runners

Six more Indonesian mayors, including Urban-LEDS Satellite Cities Bontang and Tarakan, signified their commitment to the global Compact of Mayors at an event titled, ‘Accelerating Commitment on the Compact of Mayors:...[more]


KwaDukuza solar streetlights - an amazing story!

Following the installation of solar street lights in KwaDukuza, South Africa,  the life of the community has already significantly changed. In the disadvantaged community of Groutville, children can now be seen playing under...[more]


Urban-LEDS website the place to go for all things LEDS

The ICLEI and UN-Habitat teams have concluded their work in the Urban-LEDS project, with the Model and Satellite Cities, as well as European cities engaged, motivated, and celebrating first successes. Yet, this is not the end....[more]


Global exchanges build inspiring ties in the Urban-LEDS network

Exchange of information, knowledge, best practices and expertise through South-South-North peer exchanges are an important aspect of the Urban-LEDS project. These have resulted in lasting relationships and inspiring actions in...[more]


Solutions Gateway webinar recording is now available!

Did you know that the Solutions Gateway is accessed from about 60 different countries each month? Webinar recordings show how to gain access to the wealth of guidance and interactive functionalities. The Solutions Gateway is an...[more]


Urban-LEDS under the spotlight in ICLEI Case Study series

Over the last four years, the Urban-LEDS project has provided case studies, included in the ICLEI Case Study series illustrating successful approaches, innovative models and transferable good practices in the field of urban low...[more]


How to go beyond 90% GHG emissions reduction at city-scale?

As the City of Bologna starts a new strategic planning cycle and decides whether to commit to the Covenant of Mayors’ revised target of 40% greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2030, the City Council hosted a future energy...[more]


ICLEI SEAS takes part in CDKN-ICLEI learning program, showcases Bogor Urban LEDS experience

The second workshop of CDKN-ICLEI Sub-national Learning Programme Phase II took place in Kathmandu, Nepal from February 08th to 12th with an overall theme of “Moving from Planning to Implementation”. Specifically, the program...[more]


Coimbatore sets a Guinness World Record

ICLEI South Asia has been recognized for its contribution and participation in the “largest recycling lesson” which was attended by 12,994 participants and was organized by Coimbatore Municipal Corporation.The city flourishingly...[more]


Tested and approved the GreenClimateCities methodology gets an update!

The GreenClimateCities (GCC) program is a process methodology building on ICLEI’s 25 years of expertise and experience. Using three phases - Analyze, Act, Accelerate - the GCC approach supports local governments to take local...[more]


Unexpected parallels and fruitful brainstorming at final Urban-LEDS staff exchange between India and Croatia

For the final Urban-LEDS staff exchange, a representative of the city of Thane (India) visited Zagreb (Croatia) from 7-11 March 2016 to exchange knowledge and experience with his Croatian peers with a view to gathering new ideas...[more]


Bologna and Helsinki become ICLEI GreenClimateCities Europe Ambassadors

The European Urban-LEDS cities of Helsinki and Bologna become Ambassadors of ICLEI’s GreenClimateCities Europe program.  The GreenClimateCities (GCC) program is a comprehensive climate change program for local governments...[more]


Almada achieves landmark climate actions under ambitious Local Strategy for Climate Change

The city of Almada, Portugal is one of the 18 municipalities within the Lisbon metropolitan region and one of the country’s frontrunners for sustainable development. As such it was selected as a European Urban-LEDS network...[more]


UN-Habitat’s Guiding Principles for City Climate Action Planning Launched

UN-Habitat’s Guiding Principles for City Climate Action Planning The historic COP21 in Paris, France, was packed with numerous highlights, including the launch of UN-Habitat’s Guiding Principles for City Climate Action...[more]


Is your City seizing the benefits of District Energy?

Is there a plan to implement, expand or retrofit district energy systems in your city or town? Are you interested in consolidating the local market for district energy? If the answer is yes, do not miss this opportunity to help...[more]


Indian cities to fast-forward low carbon development through Zagreb staff exchange

Delegates from the Indian Urban-LEDS model cities of Rajkot and Thane will visit Zagreb (Croatia) from 7-11 March 2016, where they will work alongside their Croatian peers to discover new ways to drive low-carbon development. ...[more]


Bologna hosts workshop to explore future energy scenarios

During March 16 – 17, 2016 the Bologna City Council will host a “future energy scenarios” workshop for Urban-LEDS cities in Europe, engaging staff and key stakeholders active in the energy system of the cities. The City of...[more]


Warsaw’s leading sustainable energy policies are an inspiration for LED

The Polish capital of Warsaw, an Urban-LEDS European project city, became an official member of ICLEI in December 2015, signaling its ongoing commitment to developing a more sustainable future. The city is widely recognized for...[more]


Bologna showcases local innovative LEDS to Steve Tshwete and Recife on staff exchange

A staff exchange program hosted by the Urban-LEDS project has already had a significant positive impact on policymaking in Steve Tshwete Municipality (South Africa). Michael Nkosi, Assistant Director of Local Economic...[more]


Cities explore pathway towards 100% Renewable Energy

Curitiba was among the 12 cities that participated in a dialogue workshop on the transformative role of local governments towards a 100% Renewable Energy (RE) future, held on December 7 at the Cities & Regions Pavilion – TAP2015,...[more]


KwaDukuza’s Chief Planner completes Helsinki study tour

KwaDukuza Municipality in South Africa has been working closely together with ICLEI as a Model City of the Urban-LEDS project. To reinforce the projects implemented locally, Chimene Pereira, the chief planner for the...[more]


Warsaw inspires Indonesian delegation with low carbon public transport

Delegates Naufal Isnaeni and Hariyadi Sukamto of the municipalities of Bogor and Balikpapan from Indonesia visited Poland from 15 – 22 November 2015 as part of the Urban-LEDS project to learn from Warsaw’s experience in low...[more]


Urban-LEDS Hosts Side Event in UNFCCC Blue Zone

On 7 December the Urban-LEDS project, implemented by ICLEI and UN-Habitat and financed by the European Commission, held an official side event in the EU Pavilion in the presence of the heads of the organizations and a panel of...[more]


In focus: Planning for sustainable development

UN-Habitat and the City of Ghent, an ICLEI member, were distinguished at the awards ceremony during the ISOCARP World Congress 2015. This event offered the opportunity for ICLEI to call for urban and spatial planning...[more]


Urban-LEDS in South Africa: a win-win “glocal” approach

Over the past two years of Urban-LEDS project roll-out, groundwork in place in South Africa by the ICLEI Africa Secretariat (ICLEI AS) focuses on a range of practical projects that engage local communities to improve their living...[more]


Invitation to contribute to a Standard for Sustainable and Resilient Urban Infrastructure

SuRe – The Standard for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure is publicly available for the first time and under public consultation. To participate, visit this website. The public consultation runs until November 9th. The...[more]


Doornkop: Community Showcase for low carbon development and poverty reduction

Doornkop, part of the Urban-LEDS model city, Steve Tshwete Local Municipality (STLM), has been realizing its vision for a solar, off-grid future in a unique community pilot project to increase renewable energy and energy...[more]


Thane awarded for leadership

Urban-LEDS Model City Thane is gaining international recognition for its innovative projects on low emission development. The awards highlight that this city is a frontrunner of urban sustainable development and guiding the...[more]


100% Renewable Energy Cities & Regions Network - a call to mobilize

The ICLEI-led 100% Renewable Energy (RE) Cities & Regions Network is part of the Global 100% Renewable Energy Campaign to support exchange of good practice and cooperation between the local frontrunners of the global renewable...[more]


Urban-LEDS city of Warsaw: a leader in integrated energy planning

Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, is leading the way in two inter-related areas of energy efficiency opportunity: buildings and district energy systems (DES). This leadership is also helping the Urban-LEDS project.[more]


Bogor releases Low Emission Development Strategy

In 2015, the Urban-LEDS Model City of Bogor, Indonesia, successfully embedded its Low Emission Development Strategy (LEDS) within the City’s 5-year Mid-Term Development Plan (“RPJMD”), blazing the trail for long-term sustainable...[more]


Guidance and tools to support your Pathway to Urban Low Emission Development

The Bonn Center for Local Climate Action and Reporting (carbonn® Center) - responsible for ICLEI’s Low Carbon City Agenda - offers a range of useful guidance and tools, and operates a reporting platform, to help cities and towns...[more]


Growing Pool of Experts – join, connect, progress on low emission development

As part of the Urban-LEDS project, ICLEI and UN-Habitat have launched the Pool of Experts: an online network of professionals with experience in working with cities and local governments on designing or implementing low emission...[more]


What is new in the Solutions Gateway?

Since the Solutions Gateway was opened to all cities and towns at the 2015 ICLEI World Congress in April 2015, its contents and functionalities have already been expanded. We will regularly update you on this development,...[more]


Call for Expression of Interest open for Street Lighting Sector

ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI), the world’s leading network of local and subnational governments dedicated to sustainable development, launches a call for Expression of Interest looking for partners for the...[more]


ICLEI Leaders and Members to strengthen Pope Francis’ efforts on climate, modern slavery and sustainability

On 21-22 July 2015, a delegation of more than 60 Mayors from around the world, including seven Urban-LEDS cities from Brazil and Europe, will meet Pope Francis in the Vatican for a two-day event on climate change, human...[more]


Scientists plot path to climate stabilization at pre-COP Paris science conference: Transformative solutions are urgently needed

From 7 to 10 July 2015, the international scientific community gathered at the “Our Common Future under Climate Change” (CFCC15) conference taking place at the UNESCO Headquarters and Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris,...[more]


Urban-LEDS cities show at World Summit how it's done

On 2 July 2015, the World Summit Climate & Territories, held in Lyon, France, closed after two days of thematic workshops and plenary assemblies on a strong message: cities, regions, and their citizens are collectively engaged in...[more]


Earth Hour City Challenge 2015-2016 launched!

Since 1 July 2015, the WWF and ICLEI invite local governments from over 20 countries to demonstrate their climate leadership and ambition, reporting their inspiring climate commitments, performance and actions through the EHCC’s...[more]


80 cities already commit to Compact of Mayors

Cities addressing climate change are committing to the Compact of Mayors, pledging to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, tracking their progress and preparing for the impacts of climate. An impressive fourteen of these eighty...[more]


Over 800 non-state actors to participate in World Summit Climate & Territories

On 1-2 July, ICLEI is joining over 800 non-state actors from civil society and local and subnational governments at the World Summit Climate & Territories. The Summit, organized by the Region Rhône-Alpes, will be held in...[more]


carbonn Climate Registry: 2014-2015 Digest published

The carbonn Climate Registry: 2014-2015 Digest analyzes the data of over 500 cities and regions around the world. These jurisdictions are demonstrating their power and potential to reduce climate risks and to move...[more]

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