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The City of Kabupaten Bogor is fostering eco-communities to support their low-carbon development goals

The Kampung Ramah Lingkungan (Eco-friendly village) is comprised of a group of people within the City of Kabupaten Bogor, also known as, Bogor Regency who independently manage the environment within their community through urban farming as well as waste and water catchment management. The concept is expected to serve as a model for the further development of eco-friendly villages which will support sustainable environmental management activities in the Bogor Regency.

To date, 15 eco-friendly villages have been formed and supported by the local government, and the number is expected to expand to 38 community groups in 2015. The local government has spearheaded the initiatives, through the provision of resources and equipment that suit the particular needs of each community eco-group.

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GreenClimateCities Methodology - Bogor Regency

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Lessons learned and replication 

  • Changing the way community residents perceive waste and its economic value, through campaigns and training, to improve awareness and waste management.
  • Providing an understanding of the importance of water management and urban farming to improve resource security.