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About the City

Land area (km2)



378089 (2010)

Population growth rate

Percentage of the city's territory which is urban

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Rate of population density change over last decade




Main economic activity

Sector 1: Industry and Manufacturing

Community type

City Municipality

About the Local Government

Official name

Prefeitura Municipal de Betim

Official name in English

Municipality of Betim

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At a glance

% with access to electricity

% with access to district heating

% with access to district cooling

% served by municipal water system

Water consumption per inhabitant

% served by municipal wastewater drainage system

% served by municipal solid waste collection system

Solid waste generation per inhabitant

% of municipal area served by separate waste collection for recycling

% living in informal settlements

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Modal split

Public transportation network coverage of urban area

Energy profile

Community's final energy consumption by economic sector according to GPC

Energy consumption per inhabitant

Percentage of local government operations of community final energy consumption

Local government operations of final energy consumption by sector of activity according to IEAP

Community final energy consumption evolution through time

Further information on energy profile

For more information on the city's GHG emission reporting, visit their profile on the carbonn Climate Registry.

Renewable Energy Reference Centre (CRER)

The main objective of the Renewable Energy Reference Centre (CRER) is to act as a node and driving force for the incorporation of renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) into Betim's municipal development plan. CRER seeks to dispense information and encourage RE and EE solutions to meet the challenge of climate change and energy savings. Since its inception, CRER has served as an important tool to raise local and regional awareness, provide information, set up demonstration projects and monitor impacts.

Environmental Education in Motion

In 2013, the Municipal Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development launched the "Environmental Education in Motion". This consisted of a series of workshops and lectures for a range of audiences, including students, teachers, public officials, academics, business and community to encourage the adoption of sustainable behavior. 

Campaign to monitor transport-related GHG emissions

In 2013, the City of Betim conducted an annual campaign to monitor greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles. In doing so, the city will be able to improve its low-carbon transportation planning, policy and infrastructure.

Scaling up waste management

Since 2013, Betim has been restructuring its waste collection services, including the installment of a solid waste sorting plant.Technical and infrastructural upgrades will be finalized in 2015 to improve public health, air quality, urban livelihoods, green jobs and resource efficiency.

Urban Plan for Afforestation

Betim's Urban Forestry Plan aims to protect and enhance the City's forest. From 2013 - 2014, the City created and compiled a database of all of the existing tree species within the city, to ensure correct species are planted in specific of the city in the future. Tree planing and protection through Betim's programs such as, "One Life, One Tree", and "The Green Mind Program", and community gardening, not only decreases atmospheric CO2 emissions and reduces dust, but they provide many additional co-benefits, positively impacting biodiversity, improving stormwater management, and decreasing ambient air temperatures. 

For more information on the city's mitigation activities, visit their profile on the carbonn Climate Registry.

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