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Reporting and connecting with experts has never been easier!

For over 4 years, the Urban-LEDS project has worked with the best experts and developed the most adapted tools for your city's needs. Now all of this knowledge is available to assist cities at any stage of their low-emission or sustainable development process - for free ! Click below to explore the carbon Climate Registry, the Solutions Gateway or the Pool of Experts and here to learn more about the project guidance and tools. 



The carbonn® Climate Registry (cCR) is the world’s leading reporting platform to enhance transparency, accountability and credibility of climate action of local and subnational governments. Voluntary reporting of commitments, performance (GHG inventories) and climate action - both mitigation and adaptation - is enhanced by tracking co-benefits as MRV-able climate action. www.carbonn.org [Free]

The Solutions Gateway is an online platform providing guidance on Low Emission Development Solutions for local governments. By taking an integrated approach, proposed Solutions include information on the enabling and multiplying actions to optimize their effectiveness and generate synergies. www.solutions-gateway.org [Free]

The Pool of Experts is a global multi-disciplinary network of professionals with expertise on Low Emission Development and Local Governments – from strategies to technical sectoral expertise, to financing guidance and capacity building. It is free and open to recognized experts from business, industry, NGOs, research & academia, and all levels of government. Click here to join the Pool of Experts [Free]