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#WeLoveBogor: winner of the WWF We Love Cities 2016 campaign

Congratulations to the City of Bogor, ICLEI Member and Urban-LEDS Model City, for winning the  We Love Cities 2016 campaign.

On June 30th, WWF announced Bogor, Indonesia as this year’s 2016 We Love Cities Winner.

Under the annual WWF Earth Hour City Challenge, the social media campaign allows citizens across the world to express support for sustainable development by voting on selected Earth Hour City Challenge cities, and to post suggestions for improvement in their cities. This campaign aims to inspire and raise awareness for the sustainability progress being made in cities but has no influence on the selection of the national and global Earth Hour Capital.

This year, the citizens of Bogor voted, resulting in a landslide victory, which might not come as a surprise to those who are familiar with the strides in sustainability the former Urban LEDS Model City has taken in recent years, to tackle climate change.

For example, in 2014, the City adopted an ambitious 5-year Development Plan placing climate change mitigation, adaptation and disaster risk reduction at the heart of its as strategic priorities.

Mayor of Bogor, Bima Arya Sugiarto, is helping the City to realize its goals by setting ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the city, “To shift Bogor City towards a low carbon development trajectory, the city will reduce GHG emissions by developing a set of environmental and low emission city regulations and policies”. As listed in the carbonn Climate Registry, the official Earth Hour City Challenge reporting platform, Bogor is realizing its low carbon transition via an array of climate mitigation actions- from the implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit Network, to smart street lighting to “encourage urban development responsiveness to disaster risk and climate change impacts.”

Through the We Love Cities campaign, Earth Hour City Challenge cities demonstrate their capacity to engage citizens and rally support - a key to succeed in achieving sustainability goals. All the suggestions received for improving cities are passed directly to the city representatives. In previous campaigns city representatives were highly appreciative of the feedback they received from the public.

For more on the City of Bogor’s climate action, visit Urban-LEDS and carbonn Climate Registry profiles.