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Capturing four years of Urban-LEDS achievements!

Four new publications have been released by the Urban-LEDS project capturing achievements in all of the 37 project cities, summarizing policy and technical guidance and tools that are available for use by local governments, and as a particular highlight exploring the successful Paris Agreement and what it means for local and subnational governments.

The Urban-LEDS Final Report

The GCC MRV Handbook

The Solutions Gateway Sourcebook

The Paris Climate Package

Urban-LEDS: Cities in Action - Final Report

This final public project report provides highlights and achievements from all 37 Urban-LEDS cities on their Low Emission Development pathway. A summary overview is also provided on the range of guidance and tools used under Urban-LEDS, and available to local governments around the globe. Finally, addressing climate advocacy that was supported through the Urban-LEDS project, the successful conclusion of the Local Government Climate Roadmap linked to the achievements of the COP21 and a Paris Agreement that outlines the future approach and connection to the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) is briefly featured. The final report is available here.


From strategy to delivery: Measuring, Reporting, Verification (MRV) of Urban Low Emission Development program

This GreenClimateCities® handbook for local governments offers step-by-step support for defining and adopting a Low Emission Development Strategy. It also offers an MRV process (Measuring, Reporting and Verifying) to enable tracking progress. ICLEI has fine-tuned the GCC process methodology in the Urban-LEDS project, making it valuable guidance also for cities and towns in the Global South. The handbook is available for free: download here.


Solutions Gateway Sourcebook: Low Carbon Solutions for Urban Development Challenges

This summary document of the online Solutions Gateway is easy to use guidance for local governments. It includes guidance on “solutions”, including policy recommendations, case studies and tools aimed at strengthening the involvement of sub-national governments in the NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributions), specifically national mitigation strategies and actions. The sourcebook is available for free: please download here.


The Paris Climate Package: A Basic Guide for Local and Subnational Governments

This guide, developed by ICLEI in its capacity as focal point of the Local Government and Municipal Authorities (LGMA) Constituency, was created for local and subnational governments. This publication is freely available for download here. It responds  to four important questions posed in the Paris Climate Package (including the Paris Agreement):

(1) The road towards COP21: What processes led to the recognition and engagement of local and subnational governments in the Paris Climate Package?

(2) Local and subnational governments at COP21 in Paris: How did local leaders engage in Paris?

(3) Key outcomes of the 2015 Paris Climate Package: What does the Paris Climate Package mean for local and subnational governments

(4) Accompanying the implementation of the Paris Climate Package through integrated local transformation: What steps should local and subnational governments take to support implementation of the Paris Climate Package?



We hope you enjoy these publications and invite you to explore the Urban-LEDS website and country profiles for additional interesting information and videos.