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The ICLEI and UN-Habitat teams have concluded their work in the Urban-LEDS project, with the Model and Satellite Cities, as well as European cities engaged, motivated, and celebrating first successes. Yet, this is not the end. Low emission development is a long-term process. We invite you to use the many great tools, guidance and support elements developed within the project framework. These are all available on our website!

For the past four years, the Urban-LEDS website has been populated with many exciting resources. From annual project updates to factsheets on the
tools and methodologies, as well as great videos. Look at the  GreenClimateCities process guidance, study the Global Protocol for  Community-Scale GHG Inventories (GPC), explore the Pool of Experts and
find guidance in the Solutions Gateway. The project countries and participating cities have dedicated pages on the Urban-LEDS website with a myriad of resources showing the diversity of Urban-LEDS activities supported over the last four years. Happy browsing!

The Solutions Gateway is your online platform for Low Emission Development Solutions. Developed under the Urban-LEDS project, it offers a range of sectoral and cross-sectorial generic “Solutions” and “Solutions Packages” for local governments to implement LEDS in their communities. The Solutions Gateway contents are based on proven technologies and practices, developed and peer-reviewed by experts. Visit the online platform here: www.solutions-gateway.org

For offline access to a summary of the Solutions and Solutions Packages, please consult thethe Solutions Gateway Sourcebook.