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Solutions Gateway webinar recording is now available!

Did you know that the Solutions Gateway is accessed from about 60 different countries each month? Webinar recordings show how to gain access to the wealth of guidance and interactive functionalities.

The Solutions Gateway is an online knowledge sharing platform for local governments addressing low emission development. Guidance can help your city build internal capacity for low emission development policies, programs and projects throughout the different stages of the process - from creating enabling conditions and identifying potential projects, down to detailing selected projects and identifying possible finance models and instruments. The Solutions available may of interest to cities of all sizes, from small towns to megacities.

Supporter organizations with recognized expertise in specific fields, such as ABRELPE - Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Limpeza Pública e Resíduos Especiais (Brazilian Association of Public Cleansing and Special Waste Companies) and Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (CEWEP), have been playing a key role in ensuring the high-quality guidance provided through drafting and peer-review of contents and pooling of existing resources such as case studies, publications and tools.

In the afternoon session Gabriela Otero, Coordinator of ABRELPE’s Technical Department said “We are happy to see that our concepts were shared with so many cities around the world. Taking the experience of the Brazilian cities, it is very important to provide a tool like this because we believe this is the first step for a responsible, sustainable and low-carbon waste management system. Unfortunately, 60% of Brazilian cities are still without a basic waste plan, so our role is also to promote the Solutions Gateway to motivate these cities to start developing their waste plan”. ABRELPE is the Brazilian association of waste management companies; the development and sharing of technical and operational knowledge are a key part of its mission. ABRELPE’s members cover 75% of the Brazilian territory and ABRELPE serves as Vice-Chair of the Integrated Solid Waste Association (ISWA) Board as well as being interface to two other international initiatives. “We intend to continue contributing with other technical solutions, specially based in the Brazilian reality but also suitable for other developing countries.”

In the morning session Lighea Speziale, Scientific and Technical Officer, Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (CEWEP) presented how Waste-to-Energy plants fit into the circular economy and energy policies of the European Union, including in terms of energy security and energy efficiency, in the context of the waste management hierarchy - “It is always good to share experience and knowledge. (…) We [CEWEP] worked on a manual and basic information to start from if you want to see if waste to energy is a solution for the context you are in.” 

The Pool of Experts, linked to the Solutions Gateway, is a multi-disciplinary network of professionals who could provide local governments with expertise on urban Low Emission Development, created within the framework of the Urban-LEDS project.

Stay tuned for the imminent release of the Finance Decision-Making Support Tool! The Solutions Gateway webinar was offered on March 22, at two different times to cover a wider geographic area. The recordings are now available:

Morning Session

Afternoon Session   

To learn more visit:

Solutions Gateway – http://www.solutions-gateway.org

Pool of Experts - http://tinyurl.com/poolofexperts