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UN-Habitat’s Guiding Principles for City Climate Action Planning Launched

UN-Habitat’s Guiding Principles for City Climate Action Planning

The historic COP21 in Paris, France, was packed with numerous highlights, including the launch of UN-Habitat’s Guiding Principles for City Climate Action Planning.

This publication was the result of a collaborative effort of practitioners, academia and city networks, aimed at providing a simple overview of local climate action planning. "The new UN-Habitat Guide is all about orienting cities towards concrete, comprehensive climate action. The Principles are designed as an instrument for cities to tangibly address climate change and provide effective city-level climate action planning tools”, according to Raf Tuts, Coordinator of the Urban Planning and Design Branch of UN-Habitat at the launch session.

The Guiding Principles cover the fundamental components of city climate action planning for low emission and resilient development for cities in the Global South and North. It can be paired with more detailed ‘how to’ manuals, step-wise methodologies or solutions to compliment local and subnational planning, such as the Urban-LEDS Solutions Gateway.

Indeed, the Urban-LEDS cities have engaged over the course of the project in robust multi-stakeholder planning and decision-making processes for ambitious, inclusive and integrated cities. They have also demonstrated, as in Guiding Principles, that sound urban planning should be relevant, address local development priorities and needs, cost-effective, evidence-based, transparent and vertically integrated. 

ICLEI is proud to be an endorsing partner of Guiding Principles. Park Won Soon, ICLEI President and Mayor of Seoul, Republic of Korea stated, “Local governments have a key role to play here- by planning, guiding, and managing emissions reduction in their communities… if we dream together, the dream becomes a reality. If we walk together, it becomes our path. The Guiding Principles for City Climate Action Planning will show us the directions that we need to take to protect our planet, Earth”.

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