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Growing Pool of Experts – join, connect, progress on low emission development

As part of the Urban-LEDS project, ICLEI and UN-Habitat have launched the Pool of Experts: an online network of professionals with experience in working with cities and local governments on designing or implementing low emission development strategies. This Pool is for local governments searching for expertise and those professionals who could potentially support them.

As a global multi-disciplinary network of professionals that support low emission development, the Pool of Experts is a closed group operating in LinkedIn, addressing relevant topics in subgroups: energy, transport, buildings, waste, smart urban infrastructure, and urban planning, as well as financing and vertical integration. Their expertise covers stratregic approaches as well as hands-on practical guidance – from building capacity to creating a climate action plan.

It is a free and user-friendly platform that can help to connect experts and local governments to explore how to advance with low emission development. We do not guarantee you will find an expert, but it is a good place to flag when you need one!

 Today, there are already 150 experts from business, industry, non-governmental organizations, research & academia, local -, subnational - and national government.

 Partnerships are being explored to expand the the pool. Recently the thematic subgroup on procurement was linked to the Procurement Forum, with over 2,000 procurement professionals. The Procurement Forum is the meeting point of international stakeholders to exchange, also on green public procurement that is a key component of a low emission development approach.

The Pool of Experts is also linked to the Solutions Gateway, another initiative of the Urban-LEDS project. The Solutions Gateway is an online support platform for local governments, providing potential solutions or solution packages for low emission development. Readers of the Solutions Gateway seeking to connect to experts are redirected towards the relevant Pool of Experts subgroup and invited to engage.

Questions? For more information, please consult the Pool of Experts factsheet, join the group, or get in touch with us via carbonn(at)iclei.org.