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What is new in the Solutions Gateway?

Since the Solutions Gateway was opened to all cities and towns at the 2015 ICLEI World Congress in April 2015, its contents and functionalities have already been expanded. We will regularly update you on this development, starting from today!


Top 5 Solutions (most visited):

  1. Green Public Procurement

  2. Transit-oriented development (TOD)

  3. Storm water retention and infiltration at city scale

  4. Urban Transport Performance Measurement

  5. Urban infill development

Top 5 Resources (most visited):

  1. Malmö Case Study: Retrofitting SUDS in an urban regeneration area  
  2. Ecomobility Shift Case Studies (Europe)
  3. Green Public Procurement – a collection of good practices (European Commission, 2012)
  4. Malta Case Study: Use of leakage control in water management strategy
  5. Seattle Case study, Washington: Incorporating Water Quality Features into the Right-of-Way


About the Solutions Gateway:

The Solutions Gateway was developed under the Urban-LEDS project, funded by the European Union, and jointly implemented by ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability and UN-Habitat. Initially it was only available for the 37 Urban-LEDS project cities (July 2014 - March 2015). It is now accessible for use by all interested local governments since April 2015.