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80 cities already commit to Compact of Mayors

Cities addressing climate change are committing to the Compact of Mayors, pledging to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, tracking their progress and preparing for the impacts of climate. An impressive fourteen of these eighty cities, that pledged to deliver on this commitment within the next three years, are Urban-LEDS project cities: Bogor & Balikpapan (Indonesia); KwaDukuza & Nelson Mandela Bay (South Africa); Fortaleza, Recife, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro & Curitiba (Brazil); Rajkot, Gwalior, Shimla, (India) and Almada (Portugal) and Copenhagen (Denmark) from Europe.

In New York in September 2014, leading city networks ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, UCLG and C40 launched the Compact of Mayors – a global coalition of mayors and city officials committing to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions, enhance resilience to climate change and track their progress publicly. The Compact is an agreement by city networks – and then by their members – to fight climate change in a manner that is consistent with and complimentary to national efforts. It is actively supported by the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change, Michael R. Bloomberg, and UN-Habitat.

As of the last week of June 2015, the Compact proudly presents 80 cities and their mayors as leaders that have committed to report and share their achievements. The Compact of Mayors defines clear compliance requirements using a reporting framework that will help harmonize collection of data on climate commitments, GHG inventories, climate hazards and climate actions. The carbonn® Climate Registry (cCR) is one of two official reporting platforms for this initiative, the other being the CDP. The cCR is also the designated central repository where data aggregation will take place to support key messaging to national governments and international agencies. Cities that commit to the Compact of Mayors are developing climate action plans (mitigation and adaptation), setting clear climate commitments and targets, and reporting on climate hazards and vulnerabilities.

Of the 80 committed cities, 54 are already reporting on the cCR. This represents a 68 percent share of the total, accounting for 120,388,410 inhabitants. Auckland (New Zealand), Bandung (Indonesia) and Lagos (Nigeria) are the most recent additions to the group of committed cities reporting through its central repository, the cCR. The number is steadily increasing, and is expected to expand faster since the launch of the Compact´s profile on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Compact of Mayors was presented at the UNFCCC Climate Talks and the Resilient Cities 2015 Congress in Bonn in June this year, drawing widespread interest form small and large cities alike. ICLEI has reached out to its members encouraging them to be a part of this leadership initiative for local governments at the global level.