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carbonn Climate Registry: 2014-2015 Digest published

The carbonn Climate Registry: 2014-2015 Digest analyzes the data of over 500 cities and regions around the world. These jurisdictions are demonstrating their power and potential to reduce climate risks and to move towards global low-emissions and climate resilient development, through the reporting of energy and climate commitments, greenhouse gas emissions, and mitigation and adaptation actions.

Over the past year, the cCR has continued to raise the level of ambition through the collaborative efforts of 10 initiatives worldwide. In 2014, the cCR became the central repository for the Compact of Mayors and the prime data partner of the UNFCCC's NAZCA platform. It also provides the backbone of the Transformative Actions Program (TAP), which aims to bridge the funding gap for local climate action, improving access to existing capital flows for cities and regions in the run up to the COP21 and beyond.

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