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TAP the potential of local and regional climate action! – Launch of the Transformative Actions Program (TAP) application process

A critical obstacle to the realization of much-needed local and subnational actions across the globe is the range of difficulties in accessing funding, as well as the lack of bankable projects. To address these issues, the Transformative Actions Program (TAP) was launched on 5 May 2015. The TAP invites cities and other subnational governments to submit their transformative climate action projects – particularly those that still require financing. It will showcase these actions to potential investors and national delegations at the upcoming COP21.

Designed as a 10-year program, the TAP aims to raise local and regional climate ambitions as well as to accelerate the implementation of climate actions in the crucial pre-2020 and post-2020 phases. More specifically, the TAP aims to, over time, improve access to existing capital flows to cities and regions, as well as catalyzing and accelerating additional capital flows from public and private investors.

The Program will work towards these goals by following two separate but interrelated missions:

  1. TAP’s political mission: actively advocating for better and quicker access to larger amounts of climate finance for cities and regions.
  2. TAP’s climate mission: assisting the pre-brokering between subnational authorities and financing bodies (where possible) and mobilizing cities and regions to design transformative and bankable climate actions.

Applications to the TAP2015 are now being accepted and will be accepted until 15 August 2015. The application form can be downloaded here. The online application form will be launched in early June, and will offer the application form in various languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean).

The TAP calls for two types of projects: “fast-track transformers” – projects ready for implementation, with an identified need for funding, a clear budget and management concept – and “post-2020 transformers” – projects which require assistance in earlier development stages (capacity building, technical know-how and strategy development, as well as funding).

All projects will be visualized on the TAP Online Platform, which will launched in October 2015, and up to 100 projects will be selected to receive particular TAP endorsement. Submitters of these selected projects will have the opportunity to present the project at the TAP2015 Pavilion at COP21.

Embedded within the scope of the Local Government Climate Roadmap, the TAP will support and inform existing initiatives such as the Compact of Mayors and the Compact of States and Regions, as well as the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance (CCFLA).

For more information, please visit the TAP website or or contact Sophie Beier (COP21/TAP Coordinator) at tap(at)iclei.org