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Launch of Urban LEDS and Earth Hour City Challenge in Indonesia

On July 4, Bogor City hosted the launch event for the Urban-LEDS project and the WWF Earth Hour City Challenge in Indonesia. Representatives from Balikpapan City, Kalimantan, Bogor City and Tangerang Regency, Banten, gathered with a range of national stakeholders to recognize the commencement of these two important programs.

Through the LEDS program, ICLEI will work with two model cities, Bogor and Balikpapan, and four other “satellite cities” over the next three years to assist them in redesigning their medium-term development plans in line with low emissions principles.  The cities will follow a low carbon trajectory and aim to reduce their emissions to assist the national target of 26% reduction by 2020.

WWF and ICLEI will also work with 5 cities in Indonesia to assist them to enter the global Earth Hour City Challenge.  These cities must demonstrate that they have adopted greenhouse gas reduction programs, particularly focusing on use of renewable energy and strong community involvement.  The Indonesian winner will then enter the international challenge, to be judged on the Earth Hour Day in March 2014.

The Mayor of Balikpapan, Pak Rizal Effendi, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ICLEI South East Asia to officially commence the Urban-LEDS project.  He said Balikpapan is looking forward to South-South exchange with cities in Brazil, India and South Africa to promote low carbon development. “Balikpapan is committed and ready to take action to reduce emissions.  What is the best way forward?” The use of ICLEI´s GreenClimateCities methodology and tools will provide valuable assistance in answering this question.  

An Advisory Group was also formed during the Bogor meeting, comprising representatives from the national government and other key stakeholders in the low emissions development field, to assist the Urban-LEDS cities and to ensure alignment with national strategies. Mr. Farhan Helmy, representative of the National Council on Climate Change, agreed to act as chairman of the Advisory Group.

Press release - English (pdf)

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