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Urban-LEDS II project implementation: Project countries

The new phase includes the addition of a new emerging economy, Colombia, and the expansion of the project to three new Least Developed Countries (LDCs): Bangladesh, Lao PDR, and Rwanda. 

The countries and the cities involved in Urban-LEDS I and II are shown below in different colors.

Country selection criteria

The following criteria was used to select the phase I countries for the Urban-LEDS project:

  • Relevant and growing greenhouse gas emission profile 
  • General economic growth leading to relevant infrastructure decisions 
  • Leadership role in the international climate debate and climate negotiations 
  • Presence of ICLEI and UN-Habitat office and technical staff 
  • Existing contacts with and openness of national and state governments 
  • Existing contacts and history of cooperation with national-level networks of local governments 
  • Has responded to Cancun Agreements by committing to developing NAMAs 
  • Being involved in the Local Governments' Mobilization and Backing for the Development and Implementation of a Global and Comprehensive post-2012 Climate Change Agreement [ENV/2008/151937] (optional)