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Warsaw is leading the way in LED by tackling two areas of energy efficiency: buildings and district energy systems. The City’s District Energy System (DES) provides energy to Warsaw’s 1’720 km heating network, serves 70% of Warsaw’s 1.7 million inhabitants, and covers 78% of the City’s heating demand. This is Europe’s largest heating network. The DES is energy efficient and also costs 70% less than conventional systems in Poland. The next step for the City is to increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix.

Warsaw and the Urban-LEDS project

The City of Warsaw has participated in the following Urban-LEDS activities:

  • The 2nd International Networking Seminar (Bogor, Indonesia in May 2015)
  • The European Study Tour: offered Warsaw an opportunity to learn from Almada's electric bus system, 'Flexibus' 
  • Staff exchange: Warsaw’s carbon-neutral electric buses greatly inspired the delegates from Model Cities Bogor and Balikpapan.  
  • COP21 in Paris, France in December 2015

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