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Almada, Portugal

Almada’s Low Emission Development Portfolio Almada’s climate portfolio is extensive, and the City created the Low Carbon Climate Fund in 2009 to support further municipal investment in energy efficiency. Since being established, the Fund has financed numerous projects including a telemanagement system for public lighting, solar water heaters in public sports facilities, LED traffic lights and efficient lighting in municipal buildings and public space, electric vehicles for the municipal fleet, energy certifications for municipal buildings, and the utilization of biomass from parks for heat production.

Almada and the Urban-LEDS project

The City of Almada has participated in the following Urban-LEDS activities:

  • The 1st International Networking Seminar (Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa in November 2013)
  • The 2nd International Networking Seminar (Bogor, Indonesia in May 2015)
  • The European Study Tour
  • COP21 in Paris, France in December 2015

News about Almada